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Preparing Youth for eSports Careers

Year Round Programming Donation

Our online skills-building platform, called Level Up Academy, provides integrated pathways through different careers in eSports and video gaming. Featuring engaging, integrated project-based learning that promotes skills and capacity building, Level Up Academy also connects budding eSports and video gaming professionals to the industry through mentoring and direct feedback by professionals.   This helps young people build their professional networks and develop portfolios of their work as they learn.

Youth eSports League (YeL) creates a safe space for youth to compete, apply and develop skills. YeL provides opportunities for youth to compete, build their skills, and win championships. It also serves as a "living lab" for youth who are interested in careers that support gamers such as tournament organizers, broadcasting, production, shoutcasters, eSports journalists, eSports lawyers, game designers and developers, and host of other career pathways. YeL allows these young people to develop their skills and gain relevant experience in their chosen career pathway while also being mentored and coached by industry professionals.

Camp LVL Up is a 6-week summer experience (both face-to-face and virtual) that exposes and prepares participants for a subset of career opportunities within eSports and video gaming. Taught by industry experts, participants in Camp LVL Up will engage in hands-on project-based learning experiences to provide them with a first-hand, in-depth interaction within their chosen career within the eSports and video gaming industries.

Your support will fund a full year of programming for a K-12 student.  This includes academic year training through Level Up Academy, a 12-month membership in the Youth eSports League, as well as Camp LVL Up.

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