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Youth Esports League (YEL)

Compete. Build Skills. Win Championships.

Season Breakdown

Earn your way to Nationals!

Engage in 100% virtual local, regional, and national competitions with YeL.

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Some of the benefits of YeL include:

  • YeL and AAU Membership Credentials
  • YeL Jersey
  • eSports Education Career Pathways Map
  • Access and Connection to Professional eSports Industry
  • Training, Coaching, and Advisor Professional Development
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Some benefits of AAU include:

  • Participate in over 30 sports at local, regional, and national events.
  • Be part of the largest multi-sport non-profit organization in the country.
  • Have coverage up to $50,000 in sports accident insurance when participating in AAU licensed events.
  • Choose the Extended Benefit Membership (AB) coverage so you are protected while playing in non-AAU events under certain circumstances.

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Youth eSports League (YeL)
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Youth eSports League (YeL)
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Youth eSports League (YeL)
Pro Gamer

12 Month Membership

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Youth eSports League (YeL)
Basic Gamer
12 Month Membership

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Youth eSports League
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