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4 Things Parents and Children Should Know About eSports Scholarships


With its market size valued at $1.22 billion in 2021, eSports has seen momentous growth. Furthermore, it shows no signs of slowing down in the coming years. According to a global eSports report by Fortune Business Insights, the market is set to be worth $5.48 billion by 2029. Truly, increasing live-streaming events and a growing viewership have skyrocketed the popularity and profitability of this gaming market.

It's no wonder, then, that eSports has also trickled its way into scholarships as more people want to enter this promising profession. An eSports article on 'How High School Leagues Get Into the Game' highlighted how there were over 170 colleges and universities who offered eSports scholarships in 2020. These scholarships became so successful that high schools in 17 states followed suit and created formal eSports teams. Ultimately, eSports scholarships can become a great starting point for your child to earn tournament money and secure a high salary job. That said, since eSports scholarships are both relatively new and competitive, below are four important things you and your child should know about them:

How vital is exposure before the recruitment process?

It's important to expose your child to the opportunities that await them. College fairs, such as the one held by SIEGE last November, are participated in by multiple colleges and universities that provide students with eSports scholarships. Video game companies such as Electronic Arts are usually also present to provide eSports athletes with helpful insights. Aside from this, it isn't enough to simply expose your child to how eSports can be a viable educational opportunity. It's equally important to increase their exposure across college coaches. The way to do this is by creating an online profile on the NCSA Recruiting Network. This way, you can seamlessly get in contact with college coaches when your child is ready for the recruitment process.

Do various games have different rank qualifications?

How your child plays across a diverse range of titles can become the basis in which college programs offer an eSports scholarship. Coaches consider rank qualifications by the game to see which students have the most potential. A 2022 Sports Engine article titled 'How Esports are Paving the Way to Higher Education' shows that in League of Legends, for example, coaches seek qualified underclassmen who rank Gold 4 and above. For upperclassmen, it's Platinum 4 and up. For Counter-Strike Global Offensive, coaches usually watch out for underclassmen who've secured Gold Nova and up and upperclassmen who've become Master Guardian and above. These are only a few rank qualifications to take note of if your child is interested in an eSports scholarship.

What are the steps in the college recruitment process?

Generally, numerous varsity programs can invite gamers to fill out recruiting forms. The following information is needed:

  • Game(s) of interest
  • Hours played per week
  • Gamer tag
  • Discord tag
  • Twitch channel
  • Battle.net ID
  • Primary role
  • Secondary role

Some coaches comb through major tournaments to monitor promising recruits as well. Otherwise, coaches can also assess your child's skills through their Twitch stream and video on demand. These videos can prompt coaches to invite your child to a live tryout, where your child will be tested on their abilities in a team environment. Depending on the conditions, individuals who pass will be offered either a partial or full-tuition scholarship. Of note, the value of eSports scholarships has grown 250% year-on-year since 2014. This means you can rest assured that your child will be provided with all the tools they need to be successful as an eSports athlete.

Is it necessary to create an eSports highlight video?

If you truly want to impress college coaches and help your child secure a scholarship, then creating a compelling eSports highlight video is the way to go. As a rule of thumb, this video should include clips from your child's best games. About four to five clips will do, but make sure these showcase their unique strategies or bold plays. Once these clips have been compiled, remember to add your child's basic information in the video and description. A short introduction is ideal and should mention your child's gamer tag, primary role, and rankings. It's also important to include their high school GPA and graduation year. Lastly, at the end of the highlight video, list your contact details so coaches can easily get in touch with you.

Apart from eSports scholarships, you may also enroll your child in our eSports Career & Cognitive Apprenticeship Program. This program offers them on-the-job training and industry-specific education so they can successfully pursue a career in eSports.

Authored by Ricci Joelle
Exclusively submitted to pcxnow.com

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