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We PLAY Eleague Spotlight: Dorian Fields


PCX is proud to showcase one of it's We PLAY eLeague members, Dorian Fields!



Dorian is a sophomore at Tucker High School and has been a part of We Play Eleague since the summer of 2017, when his high school esports club won a tournament sponsored by PCX. Each participant won a $1,000 college scholarship. This was this first of many PCX experiences that Dorian would become a part of:


“That was an eye-opening experience that opened my eyes to the gaming community. Within a year I had the opportunity to participate as a staff member setting up equipment, managing brackets and breakdown for an out of state tournament. Working with PCX has increased my confidence in building a future in the gaming community by exposing me to both sides of tournaments.”


One of Dorian’s all-time favorite games is the Smash Bros series, since it was the first game he played as a child:


“I was visiting my cousins in Tennessee and they wouldn’t let me play their PlayStation games since they were too violent for a 6 yr old. They showed me how to play R.O.B on stage Luigi Mansion in Super Smash Bros Brawl.”


At PCX and We PLAY Eleague, we strive to exemplify how games can be used for change and we love Dorian’s take on how games can be used for more than entertainment:


“I believe video games could be used for more than recreation, such as job training. There have been studies that show surgeons playing specially designed motion games to test the steadiness of their hands. Virtual Reality gives us the ability to simulate situations instead of putting someone in potential danger.”
















Original author: Brittany Regay
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