Black Collegiate Gaming Association

The Black Collegiate Gaming Association's purpose is to pivot black and women of color college students into the overall gaming industry, not only as consumers, but as contributors. They strive to build-up students that will be prepared to interview and become a part of the gaming industry both on the competitive and corporate level. They will aide in creating future groundbreakers.

Goals & Deliverables

1. Introduce black and women of color college students to the gaming industry & esports

2. Connect students to potential internship and full-time career opportunities in the gaming and esports industry

3. Create team building & leadership skills at the campus level, that can be used for competitive internships and career opportunities plus esports tournaments globally

4. Provide scholarship, awards and mentorship opportunities to students

5. Curate events, workshops, and summits to educate and connect students with professionals & leaders within the esports industry

Visit their website to learn more about the Black Collegiate Gaming Association! You can also find them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.