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LVL UP+ Your Skills!

Helping you develop the skills you need to move from amateur to professional



LVL Up Academy is a platform designed to help asipring eSports professionals build their skills in eSports, or competitive video gaming.  


eSports encompases many faces of the video game industry including game design, shout casting/streaming, hardware and software development (technology innovation), social media marketing, journalism, law etc. 


eSports is also Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics and Computer Science (STEAM+CS), as a medium for learning, entertainment, and future careers. For example, designing a video game involves systems thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, communication, iterative design and computational thinking - all critical skills for pursuing successful 21st century STEM careers.




This summer, we are offering the LVL Up Academy Summer Pass. Taught by experts, you can choose from one of our featured online courses in:

Game design

eSports team management

Comic book design


Each course is project-based, taught by experts, interactive and allows you to apply the skills you're learning right away as you work through your own game, comic book, or eSports team formation. Additionally, you'll receive support, help, and feedback from industry experts to help get your game, team, or comic book ready for prime time. Finally, you'll have opportunities to showcase what you've created not only at PCX events, but also at regional and national events. And you can do all of this from the comfort of your home, or on your computer or laptop wherever you may be.


For a limited time, we're offering the LVL Up Academy Summer Pass for an introductory rate of only $60.00 (a $600 value). Our Summer Pass will give you access to your chosen LVL Up academy Pathway from June 3rd - August 30th.


Don't wait to LVL Up+ your skills - register today!




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