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Level Up+: Inside the eSports Industry

Each month we will be providing insights into the eSports industry, helping to connect, educate,
and inspire you as you move from amateur to professional.


LVL UP+  Game Jams




Level Up Your Game! It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, learn about yourself and improve your skill. Game jams also provide a great outlet when you're in the middle of a long-term project and need to take a break and recharge your creative engines. Check out our blog post to see how you can level up your game!



Athens Game Jam is back and better than ever for 2018! Compete and build the biggest, baddest game you can in just 48 hours! Go here for more details and see how you can LVL UP+ your game!




Atlanta's Got Game




We’re showcasing one of our own this month! Our Content & Community Manager, Brittany


Regay, was featured in the Technology Association of Georgia’s HUB Magazine. Her article is an overview of Georgia’s eSports and video game industry, covering the Georgia Esports League, PCX, ELEAGUE, and more! Be sure to read her full article here.





Origin Story: Brittany Regay


"My passion for gaming originated in my childhood with my first Sony PlayStation. Video games are an unparalleled form of media that has created such a diverse community; connecting and engaging players all over the world.


I have battled the Dahaka. I followed in the footsteps of Sir Francis Drake and discovered the lost treasure of El Dorado. I am the Dragonborn. I raid tombs on the weekends, and I liberate towns from Templar oppression. I am as adventurous as Lara Craft, as courageous as Nathan Drake, and as driven as Ezio Auditore. In visiting these fantasy worlds, battling these imaginary enemies, and exploring uncharted lands, I discovered my true self. Through these experiences, I recognized that I want to be a part of an industry I feel passionate about and be involved with the teams that create, distribute, and promote these games."


To follow Brittany's journey in gaming, check out her page, here.


Gamer's Got Georgia On Their Mind


As Atlanta becomes the next hub for digital entertainment design and development, industry insiders explain what it takes to thrive in a highly competitive field. Chris Rickwood, founder and creator of Rickwood Music, has transformed the music of the video game industry into a rare form of art. How he accomplished this, and why he chose Suwanee for his home base, tell a lot about where the burgeoning digital entertainment industry is headed in Georgia. Read the full article here.


Origin Story: Chris Rickwood


Chris Rickwood is best known for creating dramatic musical scores for video games. His past work ranges from catchy melodies underscoring fights with cartoon evil geniuses to massive soundscapes suitable for building and destroying empires.


Blending the traditional with the modern, Rickwood’s musical style is often a marriage of current musical genres with traditional instrumentation and orchestration. Hip hop for hammered dulcimer and djembe or heavy metal for full orchestra are the norm. Credits include Paladins, Smite, Rising Storm, Orcs Must Die, Age of Empires Online, Madden NFL 12, Global Agenda, and Tribes: Ascend.


For more information about Chris Rickwood, be sure to check out his website.



Olympic Sponsor Wants to Include Non-Violent eSports


eSports is becoming increasingly popular globally and so it isn’t surprising to see it pushed for recognition in the Olympic Games. Hype to include competitive gaming began back in October, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) expressed interest in seeing its inclusion in the games. Olympics’ sponsor, Alibaba, has stated they are willing to support eSports in the Olympics but only if the games are nonviolent, such as soccer, car racing, and other similar styled games. Due to the values of the Olympics committee, which is to promote peace, shooters, including CS:GO, Call of Duty, and Overwatch, may not be coming to the Olympic Games anytime soon.


Read the full article here.


Indie Corner: Digital Hero Games



Digital Hero Games is a game development studio located in Nashville, TN. With a primary focus on mobile game development we are currently working on games for the Apple iOS platform.


They are dedicated to providing a unique and quality gaming experience on the go. Their staff and development partners are driven by creativity and passion and have years of experience writing software, creating high quality artwork and music. They are not here to simply copy what is already on the market. They are here to provide new and innovative games intended to delight gamers of all ages.


For more information about Digital Hero Games, be sure to check out their website.

































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